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Since its founding in 1982, SKB has provided exceptional design, technical skill and service for architectural and interior design projects around the world. 

Founded by Fran Spector, Connie Knapp and Beth Baughman, the firm carries on the traditions and values of these three pioneering women who wanted to build a professional practice that allowed the experienced Principals of the firm to remain deeply involved in the projects and give the clients the real benefit of the Principals' experience. Fran, Connie and Beth also wanted to build a workplace that nurtured and encouraged everyone who came to work at SKB to achieve all they could as professionals and people. 

Since its modest beginnings in a townhouse basement studio, SKB has grown to have major offices in Washington, DC and  Silicon Valley, representative offices in Chicago and Hartford, and affiliate offices in Dubai, Saudi Arabia, Hong Kong and Singapore. SKB has designed architectural and interiors projects in over 100 countries, and is licensed to practice architecture in over 20 states. 

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Washington, DC


Silicon Valley

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