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It's hard to understand change when it's happening so quickly around us, but we believe that everything under the heading of Architecture and Urbanism is rapidly redefining itself.

Now that people are simultaneously in several places at the same time, what humans see and need from the built environment - whether it's an office, a factory, a house, an apartment or a community square - has changed. 

On top of that, the Covid pandemic has changed our lifestyles and how we engage with buildings, places and each other.

While the trend for architecture firms is to narrow their focus on specific project types, SKB believes in keeping an eye on the broad picture.

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We belong to a long tradition and an exciting frontier.

Now more than ever our clients need us to understand the implications to them of movements like smart growth, sustainable cities, biophilia, diversity and inclusion, the gig economy, bitcoin finance, inclusionary zoning, opportunity zones, advanced building technologies, integrated project delivery, and the dramatic changes happening with communities and their leadership.

Now more than ever our clients need their architects to be leaders and partners who share the same goals for the project.

To be effective, we must be masters at construction technology so we are not distracted while we look for innovative and cost effective solutions. There is no construction type or engineering system SKB has not designed or renovated. There is no building code complexity that SKB has not successfully resolved.

To be effective, as designers we need to be nimble and able to push to solutions that are not readily apparent. we need to first think of design strategies before we take on aesthetics. 


Because we approach our practice this way, our projects are always on schedule and never over budget.


And our projects are always sensible, efficient, innovative and poetic.  

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