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For 40 years SKB has benefitted from ownership and management that adapts quickly to the changing needs of its clients.
Bachelor of Architecture, University of Arkansas
Master of Science in Architecture, Columbia University
Mark is the President of SKB and has been with the firm since 1987. Prior to that time he  was a senior designer at large national architecture firms where he served as lead designer for offices, schools, libraries, hotels, conference centers and private residences. Mark has been responsible for the design direction of the firm, and he brings a combination of intellectual exploration and down to earth pragmaticism that has been the underpinning of the firm. Mark remains focused on project work, and engages with the project teams as a mentor with broad and deep experience and the ability to quickly see the essence of a project and how to make it special.

Bachelor of Architecture, Texas A&M University

Gladys is a Principal of SKB and is the firm's Design Director. Based in the Washington office, Gladys brings an extremely diverse background and skillset that aligns perfectly with the way SKB has been able to adapt itself to help clients in a changing world. Gladys has spent her professional career in both the Washington area and overseas. Fore several years she had her own design-build firm in Lima, Peru where she was responsible for major hotel and mixed use development.

Bachelor of Science, Business Administration, Notre Dame de Namur University

Tyler is a Principal at SKB and is based in the Silicon  Valley office, where he manages large and extremely complex tech company projects for demanding clients with fast schedules. Tyler comes to SKB from the construction services industry, and he is extremely skilled at bringing people together to resolve issues. He is highly respected by building officials in Silicon Valley for his ability to get the information they need to evaluate complex issues presented by the fast-changing needs of tech companies.

Bachelor of Fine Arts, Architecture and Interior Design, Academy of Art University, San Francisco

Jayme is also a Principal of SKB based in the Silicon Valley office. She manages a variety of projects from tech companies to light manufacturing to cannibus distribution centers.  Prior to joining SKB, Jayme worked as a project manager for a tech company, and her experience as a client has been invaluable to SKB's ability to react and provide the kind of services and answers the clients need in today's fast-moving environment.

Bachelor of Architecture & Master of Architecture, Clemson University

Chuck is a Principal and has been with SKB since 1992 and has worked with Mark since the first met in 1981. Chuck is an architect in the fullest sense- an exceptional designer with a masterful understanding of how to build and a keen eye for what makes sense. He is a walking reference book on American and global architecture and he quickly refers to his vast knowledge to bring novel and meaningful solutions to every project. 

Washington Humane Society

Phoebe joined SKB in 2012 and has been enjoying the good nature of the staff, steady food and the special treats hidden in the designers' file drawers ever since. 
She closely supervises the staff, inspects the models by testing their structural capacity and stretches out on anything important laid on a horizontal surface at the precise moment it needs to be studied. No carpet, fabric or chair sample review is complete until Her Highness has slept on it. 
No, she doesn't remind us of anyone in particular, why would you think that?

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Washington, DC


Silicon Valley

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