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The World Bank’s office in Dhaka, Bangladesh is located in the northeast sector of the Dhaka near the National Parliament House. The program includes a conference center, offices, underground parking garage, library, and fitness center.

The World Bank’s commitment to bringing new technology together with local trades resulted in a building design that was entirely unique for this city of over 10 million people. It is really two buildings: one that relates to the political boundaries of the site and one that relates to the strong natural features and environment.

The traditional concrete frame and masonry in fill building envelope are oriented to the street and political boundary grid. The southern property line of the building aligns to a true east-west axis and the curtainwall part of the building aligns with this grid. Because sun control is extremely important in this region, the curtainwall is protected by an aluminum sunscreen which filters and diffuses natural daylight into the building. The round atrium also brings filtered daylight into the center of the building. 

Additional energy-saving and sustainable building techniques were incorporated into the design of the mechanical system, lighting and energy management, selection of building materials, and site planning. 

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