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Washington, DC

The DC office has most of the office spaces face the street or the interior atrium with all other support/program areas are placed in the space in-between the perimeter offices and the building core. A mini conference center is placed adjacent to the reception area. The reception/conference area is architecturally developed as a glass box that uses floating partitions of rosewood panels, drywall and fabric panels to define the different spaces or rooms. Planes of large format acoustical ceiling tiles further reinforce this theme. The reception is treated as an architectural sculptured wood box. The perimeter office wall is defined by dark brown vertical fins that articulate the corridor and punched by abstracted French doors of rosewood, metal, and glass. On the opposite side of the office wall, the modules created by the walnut workstations, brown/gold vertical wall panels and the large format acoustical ceiling tiles are used to create canopies about the station.

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