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This project is part of a multi-phase larger project to transform the offices of a venerable data and analysis company so that it aligns with the philosophy of its new well-known parent company. 

The parent company has no private offices, even for its highest executives. All meeting and conference rooms are transparent. SKB faced the challenge of designing an extremely high quality space with a low budget in a Class B+ building that had low ceilings was only increased because the existing staff were used to private offices and seclusion. 

The design strategy was to take the parent company’s “one large room” standard and insert translucent elements – colored glass conference rooms, channel glass screen walls, laser-cut acrylic and glass screens, and a fish tank – placed in an orderly manner to keep the feeling of openness and transparency while providing a sense of scale and intimacy to the various sections of the plan.

The building core is articulated by the original company’s trademark blue in the elevator lobby and other openings, signifying that the core of the space is the original company. The parent company’s monitors are placed on channel glass screens facing the core. The conference rooms are organized in two large colored blocks on either side of the floor plate, breaking up the floor into smaller spaces while maintaining the sense of openness and connection desired by the parent company.

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