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The global law firm of Baker McKenzie commissioned SKB to explore the idea of a new kind of law firm environment that would address how law firms work now and will work in the future. As the Managing Partner said, “Law firms are not about offices anymore, they’re about collaboration.” Baker McKenzie leased half a floor in their current office building and SKB worked closely to develop a workplace strategy to be a working model for how the firm would operate.

SKB suggested thinking of this as a kind of special section of the firm where 1st to 3rd year Associates could work together and mentor and teach each other, while Partners would be drawn to the floor by the amenities and the new energy of this space. The offices are 15 feet wide but are shared between 2 Associates. Maximum efficiency was created by using sliding doors into the offices, and the offices were furnished to encourage the attorneys to meet in one of many collaboration alternatives.

The center of the office contains 4 glass collaboration rooms which can be closed off. Each room is furnished slightly differently for different types of uses, but all can serve as basic meeting rooms. There is also open bench, table and booth seating in the cafe and individual furniture pods. Paralegal and office support personnel share offices along a windowless exterior wall running parallel to the glass conference rooms. The diachronic glass film is applied to 1/3 of the glass panels but energizes the entire space with its changing colors and reflections as one moves through the office. 

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